Human Development Report 2015

The 2015 Human Development Report (HDR) will be launched on 14 December this year. The theme of the Report will be Work for Human Development.

For starters, the first HDR was launched in 1990. Since then, every year, UNDP has been publishing HDRs focusing on a specific theme every year. To name a few, the 1993 HDR was based on people’s participation, the 1995 Report focused on gender, and the 2000 HDR analysed human rights and human development. The Report also ranks countries of the world on the Human Development Index (HDI), which has become a crucial indicator of development. Click here to view all HDRs from 1990-2014. Continue reading Human Development Report 2015

Our everyday sexual discrimination

Mostly unknowingly, we bring segregation based on sex into our conversations. While this may not amount to sexism, it creates or cements a distinction between men and women which may later influence one’s thoughts or actions. If the distinction has positive effects, it may be ignored, but that’s not the case.

Mark: Hey Sara, wanna have some sweets?
Sara: Absolutely! What’s special today?
Mark: A girl in our team just returned from her native place. She requested me whether I could distribute these to the others around. Continue reading Our everyday sexual discrimination

My 1,000-days countdown starts today!

Travelling is my favourite poison (you might want to pay a kind visit to my travel blog, and Russia is my dearest brand. I don’t know when the biggest country on the planet became my dream travel destination, but it has been sitting there for a very long time. May be it has the breathtaking Trans-Siberian Railway, and I happen to be mad about trains. Whatever the reasons may be, that’s the place I want to visit one day.

The Trans-Siberian Railway and associated lines. Image taken from

However, the usual lower-middle class Indian conditions apply. Continue reading My 1,000-days countdown starts today!

Why the international poverty day is a little special this time?

Today is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which was adopted by the UN in 1991 and has been celebrated since then. This year, the day commands a little extra importance. Here is why. Continue reading Why the international poverty day is a little special this time?

Book: Cables from Kabul

Today morning, I finished reading “Cables from Kabul: The inside story of the West’s Afghanistan campaign”. It’s written by Sherard Cowper-Coles, a former British diplomat, who served in Afghanistan from 2007 to 2010, first as the British Ambassador and later as the Special Representative to the UK Foreign Secretary to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Definitely one of the most eligible persons to pen such an account. Continue reading Book: Cables from Kabul

The Ebola crisis of 2014: A snapshot

This September-October issue of Foreign Affairs carries an essay on the Ebola outbreak that hit West Africa in 2014. It gives an account of how the fatal epidemic originated and spread, the efforts of different agencies to fight it, and the way in which the World Health Organization (WHO) apparently “mishandled the crisis”. Continue reading The Ebola crisis of 2014: A snapshot