My Education

I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. I worked in the software and technology field for a little over three years. Sometime in the second year, I began thinking of shifting gears; I thought I should move to a vocation that better suits my interests, something more rewarding in terms of satisfaction.

After three years and one month, I quit. Joined Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Hyderabad, for M.A. in Public Policy and Governance. That proved to be a hell of a decision. I learned about so many theories and ideas, the amazing works of a lot of people in many fields. The curriculum was diverse; we learned a little bit about a lot of things- economics, politics, regulation, social structure, public policy, reading, writing, analyzing, and more. And I discovered my love for writing, through a zillion assignments and a pretty long dissertation.

I developed an interest in studying poverty in the second semester at TISS. I thought, and I still believe that the number one problem in the world is that so many people are so poor. But I doubt whether the leaders of the world give due attention to this. I’m equally interested in technology, especially in its power to bring about transformation and impact people’s lives for the best.