What we learn from our workplace?

All of us expect to learn a great deal from our workplace. We often bring it our conversations that, “oh my office is a great place to learn”. The other day I was wondering what is it that we learn? The way I see it, there are 3 kinds of learning from a workplace. Continue reading What we learn from our workplace?


Learn anything, online

Internet is a great place to learn. That too for free. edX and Coursera (pronounced course-era) are two platforms that offer hundreds of free online courses. There is an unbelievably large collection of subjects to choose from such as architecture, arts, computer science, economics, statistics, history, business and management, philosophy, languages, environment, music, medicine, literature, law and many many more. All the courses are offered by prestigious universities from all around the world including MIT, Johns Hopkins, University of Zurich etc. Continue reading Learn anything, online