What we learn from our workplace?

All of us expect to learn a great deal from our workplace. We often bring it our conversations that, “oh my office is a great place to learn”. The other day I was wondering what is it that we learn? The way I see it, there are 3 kinds of learning from a workplace.

  1. We acquire subject knowledge: We get to learn a lot of subject matter. If I work on poverty, I learn how it’s conceptualised, defined, measured; the key figures; poverty-alleviation initiatives; and a lot more. It takes us to a level where we can have a conversation with someone on the subject. We also form our opinions and believes as we gather more knowledge.
  2. We learn skills: If I’m a statistician, in a few years I become an expert in SPSS, STATA or another software on data analysis software. If I’m a designer, some of the Adobe softwares may be my area. A researcher polishes her writing skills, and a programmer masters coding. In addition to the quantum of subject knowledge, we learn a few tools which we use most often at our work. Remember how Sachin’s cover drive and Ponting’s pull shots became better over the years? That’s what I’m taking about.
  3. We learn how to be: This is not a very tangible kind of learning but that doesn’t make it less important. As months and years go by, people learn how to be at a workplace, in contrast with college or in the middle of friends. What to say, what not to say, when and when not to say, little things like that. And I know from my experience that people with decent knowledge and skills could fail in this aspect and become not-that-cool elements at workplace. Think about Donald Trump- the man has money and influence but doesn’t know what to say or not when he sees a mic. Like that.

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