India and poverty- some basic numbers

India has a lot of people who are called “poor”, take any scale or definition of poverty. The governments agree to this, the World Bank and the UN agree to this, everybody does. But do we know how many are the so called “poor”? Do we know the magnitude of the challenge of eradicating poverty? Do we know where do we stand with respect to rest of the world? The following charts may give some answers to these questions.

All charts are created by the author. The poverty figures are from the World Bank. The India population figures are from the World Bank’s World Development Indicators database; and the world population figures are from GeoHive. Continue reading India and poverty- some basic numbers

Book: Ayn Rand and the world she made

Ayn (pronounced “ein” or “eye-in”) Rand is the author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged (and a few more works of fiction and philosophy), most favorite books ever, for millions of readers. I recently read a biography of hers, by Anne C. Heller.

Ayn RandI was new to Rand, have never read any of her works. But heard a lot though, mostly from devout fans of the aforementioned two books.

But, millions love to hate her too, that’s the irony of Ayn Rand. Why? The answer is Objectivism, the branch of philosophy she developed. It’s extremely individualistic:  a man should pursue his individual interests, no matter what; one should not care about others, do not bother about philanthropy, and so on. Those who are powerful and better than others can, will, and should dominate the others. Morality and ethics was strictly woven around personal choices. She is pretty infamous for calling the Native Americans “savages” and justified violence against them. Her works are said to be filled with this propaganda. The Individualist Manifesto, the thirty-three-page essay presents her moral philosophy. Continue reading Book: Ayn Rand and the world she made