Human Development Report 2015

The 2015 Human Development Report (HDR) will be launched on 14 December this year. The theme of the Report will be Work for Human Development.

For starters, the first HDR was launched in 1990. Since then, every year, UNDP has been publishing HDRs focusing on a specific theme every year. To name a few, the 1993 HDR was based on people’s participation, the 1995 Report focused on gender, and the 2000 HDR analysed human rights and human development. The Report also ranks countries of the world on the Human Development Index (HDI), which has become a crucial indicator of development. Click here to view all HDRs from 1990-2014.

Coming back to HDR 2015, the first thing one must understand is, it says work, not job or employment. The latter involves predefined working hours, wages etc., while by work, we also mean artistic work, care work, work which is done within families and communities and during times of conflicts. Non-job work also contributes to wellbeing and social cohesion, and therefore is important for Human Development.

Gender is an important dimension when one looks at non-job work because it is women who do most of such work especially care work. Agriculture deserves due attention as it provides work to the majority despite increasing urbanization all over the world. Informal sector work is still the backbone of many societies; for instance, more than 80 percent of the Indian workers either belong to the informal sector or do informal work within the formal sector. Owing to war and other kinds of conflicts in many parts of the world, the report also looks at work during crisis and post-crisis.

Click here and here for more on HDR 2015. Click here to sign-up to get updates on the HDR and to receive the Report once it’s published.

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