Windows 10: Review

Microsoft has given out a brand new OS for free, and that’s pretty historic. PCs running on Windows 7 or 8 can be upgraded to Windows 10 free of cost. A notification icon (Get Windows 10) comes on the taskbar of eligible PCs, this has to be clicked to reserve the upgrade. Mind that it’s a 3 GB download! Windows 10 is currently rolled out in phases, so keep checking whether your PC has downloaded it, by clicking the Get Windows 10 notification icon. Once you see that it is downloaded, you can upgrade to Windows 10 by following simple instructions from a UI.

I did the upgrade last night, it was pretty smooth. Here are my system specifications:

System Info

Upgrade process

  • The upgrade is likely to take 60-90 minutes.
  • Internet connection is not required.
  • In case of laptops, to be on the safer side, keep the charger connected.
  • No need to back up any files before the upgrade, not even those in C drive. None of the files will be deleted, even the Desktop remains as it was before the upgrade. Meaning, it’s just an upgrade, not a format of the C drive and installation of a new OS.
  • Microsoft Office package remains as it was.

Quick review

  • Windows 10 has a fresh appearance. It definitely looks like a better technological product.
  • The good old Start Button is back. All Apps (just above Start Button) shows the list of apps. One can pin favorite apps to the section on the right where they can be arranged in groups which can be named by the user.

WIndows 10 Start Menu

  •  System speed has not come down, apps are as fast as they were. However, booting seems to take some 10 second more. It could as well be an initial hick up.
  • The best part could be the new browser, Edge. As fast as Chrome. Opens and navigates very smoothly, without any lag. Highlighting and note taking on webpages are pretty cool features. I feel that the Address and Favorite bars could have been a little thinner, so that more space would be available for webpages.
  • If you were using OneDrive before the upgrade, you might have to configure it again after the upgrade.
  • I still could not figure how to change the default location of downloads. Presently, all downloads go to the Downloads directory.
  • The upgrade process may stop some of the processes. I had to manually restart the IDrive process to continue back up. In that case, navigate to Task Manager >> Services, right click the service and select Start.

That’s all I could get a hang on by end of day 1. Will update this post as I discover more!

Update 1 : 03/08/2015

  • Looks like there are some privacy issues with Windows 10. Bulk of the problem lies with that fact that most of the privacy settings, by default, are set in such a way that a lot of user data are transferred to Microsoft servers and might be shared with third parties. This is something that a lot of people don’t want. To set this straight, one has to go to Start Button >> Settings >> Privacy. Go through all the options there and set off those which one does not want. Also, navigate to Start Button >> Settings >> Accounts >> Sync your settings. I think it’s better to switch off Sync settings because keeping it on enables sharing your passwords across all your devices.
  • Go to If you don’t want personalized ads, switch them off using the options given there (picture below). If personalized adds are turned on, your browser might track the webpages you visit and your searches, to “know you” better so that it can show you those ads in which you might be interested. For instance, to someone who frequently searches about movies, the browser might regularly show ads of new movie releases, movie bookings, and trailers. For some, this may be useful, but the fact that someone is continuously keeping a track of what you do on the internet is not reassuring to many, including me.
personalised ads settings

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