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Internet is a great place to learn. That too for free. edX and Coursera (pronounced course-era) are two platforms that offer hundreds of free online courses. There is an unbelievably large collection of subjects to choose from such as architecture, arts, computer science, economics, statistics, history, business and management, philosophy, languages, environment, music, medicine, literature, law and many many more. All the courses are offered by prestigious universities from all around the world including MIT, Johns Hopkins, University of Zurich etc.

Most of the courses have a duration of around a month. There are lecture videos and reading material which can be downloaded or watched/ read online. Based on these, there are weekly quizzes and assignments most of which are objective, multiple choice style. If one passes these quizzes with a specified minimum score, which is usually 50-70%, a statement of accomplishment (in PDF format) is awarded.

The coolest thing about there courses is flexibility. One can watch the videos or read the material anytime over the week. The quizzes can be taken anytime before a specified deadline. For most of the quizzes, multiple attempts are allowed, meaning if one doesn’t do well in a quiz, he/ she can re-take it. The statement of accomplishment is a proof of one’s interest in and understanding of the specific subject, feel free to proudly mention it in your resume!

If you are curious how their certificates look, here they are-

edX certificate
edX certificate


Coursera certificate
Coursera certificate

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